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Breathe Your Way to Soulful Awakening


Welcome to our soul-nourishing space, dedicated to both Transformational and 9D Breathwork as well as Soul Purpose Intuitive Life Coaching. Here, we wholeheartedly believe in guiding souls to reconnect with their true, authentic selves and embrace the beauty of their unique journey.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, breath or "prana", signifies the very essence of spirit, life force, and vital energy. At Balsamic Moon Alchemy, we invite you to let your breath be the compass that leads you towards personal growth and empowerment.

Our Transformational Breathwork, 9D breathwork and Soul Purpose coaching sessions are designed to help you remember who you truly are at your core. We believe that transformation begins with an intimate connection to oneself. As you embark on this sacred journey, let the rhythm of your breath harmonize with the desires of your soul, illuminating the path towards profound healing and self-discovery.  For within each breath lies the potential to breathe life into your dreams.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this alchemizing path and let the magic of breathwork revitalize your spirit, empowering you to live a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Remember, the journey is yours to embrace, and within every breath lies the key to unlocking the true magnificence that resides within you.  

Why Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork is a profound practice that utilizes conscious breathing techniques to promote healing and personal growth. By engaging in deep and purposeful breath patterns, individuals release emotional blockages and unresolved traumas, leading to heightened awareness and self-discovery. This powerful modality has been used to effectively treat anxiety, addiction issues, chronic stress, PTSD, depression, chronic pain, grief and loss, childhood traumas, suppressed emotions, relationship struggles, money blocks, patterns of self-sabotage, as well as limiting beliefs and fears, including phobias. Notably, Breathwork is registered as a low-risk therapy, offering numerous benefits for those seeking transformation and well-being.

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Trauma Release

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Stress Reduction

Enjoying the Nature

Pain Management

Lakeside Camping

Improved Sleep


Boosted Immune System

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Running at the Beach

Increased Energy


Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Water Foam

Emotional Healing

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